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30/30 Health Podcast

Jun 6, 2019

Rahul Jandial, MD, PhD, is a dual-trained brain surgeon and neuroscientist at City of Hope in Los Angeles, California.

What sets Dr. Jandial apart is his unconventional route to becoming a decorated neurosurgeon. Before finding his calling in the operating room, he was a college dropout and worked as a security guard. As a surgeon, he provides complex surgical treatment to patients with cancer. As a scientist, his laboratory investigates the biology of the human brain. Throughout his career, he has authored 10 books and over 100 academic articles.

In his latest book, NEUROFITNESS: The Real Science of Peak Performance from A College Dropout Turned Brain Surgeon, Dr. Jandialhe pulls together years of research from various fields— surgery, science, brain structure, the conscious mind— and applies them to everyday life for enhanced performance, improved memory, heightened creativity, and much more.