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30/30 Health Podcast

Mar 30, 2017

So let’s be honest, we all like free things. Whether it’s the free samples at Costco or the “complimentary” beverage during a cross-country flight, if we aren’t directly seeing cash disappear from our pockets or swiping a card for the electronic cyberspace to process, we generally feel pretty good. Now, before we delve a little deeper into the actual purpose of this resource, let’s get a couple things straight- Free isn’t always actually FREE. Free as I have just described above is a PASSIVE and MINDLESS FREE.

You consume it because it’s just there- perhaps some of you actively seek out Costco and its freebies, but we will just pretend that’s not really a hobby or pastime. FREE as I am about to describe below is an ACTIVE and MINDFUL FREE. Effortful, but rewarding, the ACTIVE pursuit of a FREE experience or a FREE education can ultimately lead to the emergence of a calling, leading you to finally find the career you never thought you could have, the vitality you didn’t think was possible, or the wonder that is our joyfully supportive and interconnected world.

To emphasize one last time, what we will be exploring here is the ACTIVE, MINDFUL and REWARDING FREE.

With this in mind, you are safe to drop your Southwest Airlines Diet Coke and pass on the sugar laden Costco trail mix, because it’s time to realize your calling as a functional medicine practitioner, a healer, an informed student, an empowered and engaged patient and most importantly, a compassionate human being.